Reach Out – Annual Meeting – Day 1

Project Reach Out Annual Meeting Kicks Off in Malta

The eagerly anticipated annual meeting of Project Reach Out commenced today in Malta. This year’s event promises to be a dynamic and engaging gathering of professionals and experts dedicated to enhancing the reach and impact of the project.

Project Reach Out, a global initiative focused on community development and empowerment, has brought together a diverse group of organizations activists for its annual meeting. The event is taking place at Gran Hotel Excelsior in Malta, where participants have gathered from across Europe to share their experiences and ideas.

Key Highlights from Day One

The event opened with a warm welcome from our Hosting Partner, Valeska Padovese, a Dermatologist and Venereologist Consultant from the Genitourinary Clinic at Mater Dei Hospital, MFH Malta. Her presence and expertise set a positive tone for the day’s proceedings.

Francesco Villa, the REACH OUT Project Coordinator from INTERSOS, shared the latest Reach Out updates, offering valuable insights into the project’s ongoing work and progress.

A key part of the day’s agenda was a session on Communication Strategy, led by Mauro Di Giacomo, the CEO of Digivis. Mauro’s expertise in communication strategies is set to enhance the project’s ability to connect with communities and share its mission effectively.


Meeting to bring partners together

The Reach Out Consortium Meeting provided an opportunity for all partners to come together, exchange ideas, and plan for the future. The event emphasized the power of collaboration in achieving common goals.

Following the engaging discussions, partners gathered to wrap up the day and identify action points that will drive the project forward. The commitment of all partners to making a positive impact was evident throughout the meeting.

During the coffee break, partners had a chance to network, connect, and build relationships that will enhance the success of the project. The collaborative spirit was truly inspiring.

As the day progresses, team-building activities are on the horizon, fostering unity and cohesion among all attendees. The Project Reach Out annual meeting is off to an exciting start, and there is much more to come as discussions continue and partnerships strengthen.

Stay tuned for further updates from this significant event, and be sure to follow the Project Reach Out journey as it evolves and impacts communities worldwide.

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