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Provide accessible and high-quality healthcare solutions for disadvantaged individuals with STIs, tuberculosis and hepatites, , regardless of their background.

INTERSOS (Coordinator)

Intersos is a non-profit humanitarian organization that operates in 19 countries around the world, providing assistance and help in situations of emergency and extreme exclusion, and paying particular attention to the protection of the most vulnerable people.

In Italy INTERSOS has been active since 2011 with various projects aimed at protecting and implementing the right to health of people living in conditions of severe social exclusion.

The Maltese Ministry of Health

hpdp directorate

The Health Promotion and Diseases Prevention Directorate aims to protect and promote the health and wellbeing of people residing in the Maltese Islands by developing and implementing strategies for the reduction of the burden of communicable and noncommunicable diseases. 


(Programs of development, social support and medical cooperation)

PRAKSIS is an independent Civil Society Organisation (Non Profitable Association). PRAKSIS operating since 2004, designing and implementing projects of humanitarian and medical nature as well as informative campaigns on public health issues (STDs, Hep, HIV/AIDS), throughout the Greek territory. 


A research, consultancy and communication company working in socio-economic analysis, digital ecosystems research, labor market, social inclusion and sustainable development.

DIGIVIS makes extensive use of new social and economic research tools, while its fields of work include microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis, institutional scenario studies, labour market, ICT, policy evaluation, social inclusion and migration.


 (​Action Research for CO-development​)

ARCOlogo big

ARCO is a University centre founded in 2008 at PIN s.c.r.l., Prato (Italy).  It offers research, qualified consulting, and training services in social economy, local development, inclusive development, M&E and impact evaluation and circular innovation. 

ARCO relies on the expertise of a multidisciplinary team and operates both at national and international level.

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