Stakeholders’ meeting – Reach Out

Project Reach Out: Bridging Gaps for Hard-to-Reach Communities


In a significant stride towards improving community healthcare for hard-to-reach populations, two groundbreaking meetings were recently conducted by different organizations under the umbrella of the European Project “REACH OUT.” These pivotal gatherings brought together key stakeholders, experts, and representatives from various national and international organizations. Let’s delve into the highlights of these meetings and the collaborative efforts to address the unique challenges faced by marginalized communities.

P.R.A.K.S.I.S. – Empowering Communities through Integrated Healthcare

The NGO PR.A.K.S.I.S., renowned for their programs of development, social support, and medical cooperation, successfully orchestrated an impactful stakeholders’ meeting on June 8th, 2023. Esteemed representatives from national organizations, patients’ groups, and international bodies graced the event. The primary focus was to present the objectives and activities envisioned within the “REACH OUT” project. The participants had the opportunity to engage in fruitful discussions surrounding key topics such as areas of work, difficulties faced, referrals, network and support, rapid diagnostic tests, cultural language mediation, interpretation, and ongoing support and follow-up. The meeting served as a stepping stone towards devising comprehensive solutions for improving community healthcare access for the hard-to-reach populations.

MFH, Collaboration for Enhanced Sexual Health and Infectious Disease Prevention

In another noteworthy development, MFH spearheaded a meeting that brought together stakeholders from various organizations involved in sexual health and infectious disease prevention. The attendees included representatives from Seqda (drug and alcohol rehabilitation focus), Primary Health, AWAS (The Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers), and FSWS (Foundation for Social Welfare Services). The primary objective of this gathering was to explore collaborative pathways, particularly regarding referrals between the forthcoming mobile unit created through the REACH-OUT Project and existing services. By fostering closer ties and sharing expertise, these organizations aim to enhance the overall effectiveness of healthcare delivery and ensure seamless transitions for individuals seeking support and care.

The Project Reach Out is making significant strides towards overcoming barriers and improving healthcare access for hard-to-reach communities. With organizations like PR.A.K.S.I.S. and MFH at the forefront, stakeholders are actively collaborating to address challenges, strengthen referral systems, and provide holistic care to marginalized populations. These collective efforts signify a pivotal shift towards integrated community healthcare and outreach services, offering hope and a brighter future for the most vulnerable members of our society.

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