What We Do

We aim to improve global health outcomes for migrants and disadvantaged local population groups through an integrated intervention.

We aim to create
an integrated community health care
for hard-to-reach populations

This project aims to execute various initiatives aimed at creating awareness and advocating for the prevention of the spread of HIV/AIDS and TB.

Health, inclusion
and awareness

The Reach Out project aims to establish connections between disadvantaged people and specialists across Italy, Malta, and Greece.  

Promote access to healthcare

The goal of the project is to ensure that migrants and refugees, have equal access to high-quality services 

Where We Work

A team of professionals
in three countries

Migrants and disadvantaged people may not be able
 to access medical assistance easily. 

The REACH-OUT project will deploy a team of physicians, social workers, and cultural mediators who will conduct monitoring activities in places of interest to vulnerable migrant populations, such as refugee camps. They will offer outreach services and guidance to social and health services for the treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and tuberculosis.


The Project REACH-OUT aims to improve the health outcomes of migrants and disadvantaged local populations in Italy, Malta, and Greece by providing access to care for various diseases and promoting stakeholders' cooperation.