Our methodology

Service provision

  • Presence
  • Accessibility
  • Networking

Holistic approach and sustainability

  • Coordination and inclusion of different actors
  • Networking

Culturally sensitive approach and equity

  • Engagement and inclusion
  • Provision of information

Community based approach and communication

  • Establishment of focus groups
  • Targeted communication campaigns
  • Malta
  • Athens, Piraeus cities and wider areas
  • Foggia and Sicily, in the informal settlements of Campobello di Mazara (Trapani), Cassibile (Siracusa) and in the city of Palermo

The mobile units will be deployed near reception centers, in areas densely populated by migrants, neighborhoods frequented by sex workers and more generally, in deprived areas facing severe socio-economic challenges.

The mobile unit will rely on a multidisciplinary team composed by a doctor, two cultural mediators and a social worker.