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Reach Out on Corriere della Sera

Bringing healthcare to the heart of communities: mobile units transforming lives in Puglia and Sicily. On May 14, 2024, Corriere della Sera highlighted a significant development in healthcare delivery through an article featuring Francesco Villa, the Reach Out project manager. Villa elaborated on the ambitious goals and profound impact of mobile clinics operating in the […]


Reach Out – Annual Meeting and Training – Day 2

Health Specialists Converge at Project Reach Out Annual Meeting in Malta The second day of the annual meeting for Project Reach Out in Malta welcomed a many of health specialists, underscoring the project’s commitment to addressing healthcare challenges among migrant populations. Today’s sessions featured in-depth discussions and insights from experts in the field. The day […]


Stakeholders’ meeting – Reach Out

Project Reach Out: Bridging Gaps for Hard-to-Reach Communities   In a significant stride towards improving community healthcare for hard-to-reach populations, two groundbreaking meetings were recently conducted by different organizations under the umbrella of the European Project “REACH OUT.” These pivotal gatherings brought together key stakeholders, experts, and representatives from various national and international organizations. Let’s […]


Migration Flows in Italy, Greece, and Malta: The Risks of Untreated TB, HIV, and Tuberculosis

Migration is a complex phenomenon that affects millions of people around the world. In Italy, Greece, and Malta, migration flows have been on the rise in recent years, with many migrants arriving from sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. While migration can bring opportunities for economic, social, and cultural exchange, it also poses challenges […]

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HIV: Incidence and Late Diagnosis in Italy, Apulia, Sicily, and Malta

In Italy, 70% of individuals are unaware that they are HIV-infected. In 2019, there were 2,531 new HIV diagnoses, and heterosexual transmission accounted for 42% of cases. The most significant problem in Italy is the increased number of late diagnoses. INTERSOS has noted that agricultural seasonal workers are affected by infectious diseases, and planned controls […]

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“Reach Out” is the new EU co-funded project aimed at providing healthcare assistance to migrants.

Reach Out : Integrated community healthcare and OUT-REACH services for hard-to-reach populations The Reach Out project, funded by DG Santé, aims to implement an integrated intervention dedicated to improving the health conditions of migrants and disadvantaged groups of the local population in specific areas of Italy, Malta, and Greece. This will be achieved through prevention, […]