Our goals

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Doctors, health workers, experts in the field, decision-makers and public administrators working
in the field of health and immigrant services, involved in the project

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Number of patients receiving prevention, counseling, peer support, harm reduction, or healthcare services in Malta, Greece, and Italy

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Number of migrants and disadvantaged locals receiving a general medical consultation in
community-based settings in Malta, Greece and Italy

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Migrants and refugees located in the areas of interest reached through ad hoc social advertising

Reach Out

Integrated community health-care
for hard-to-reach populations

The REACH-OUT project aims to improve global health outcomes for migrants and disadvantaged local population groups in Italy, Malta, and Greece by providing prevention, early detection, and access to care for various diseases.

The project will also promote stakeholders’ cooperation and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and TB among the general public, migrants, professionals, institutions, and organizations.

The project will use internet technology and social media to develop a targeted communication campaign to share information about existing services and STIs/HIV prevention.

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What We Do.

Improve global health outcomes
for migrants and disadvantaged local population

Health and inclusion

Create an integrated community health care for hard-to-reach populations

Access to healthcare

Ensuring that migrants have access to high-quality health services


A team of specialists in three countries helping against STDs, tuberculosis and hepatites in disadvantaged communities

Our Values.

We aim to help disadvantaged people with their health

We put our words into action

We take a wider role in civil society

We believe in active action

Our methodoly

Health and inclusion among disadvantaged communities

Learn more about our Info Days

To showcase the main activities of the project and involve a larger number of stakeholders, an Info day will be organized for each of the three participating countries.

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)


More than 1 million STIs are acquired every day. In 2020, WHO estimated 374 million new infections worldwide.
  • Chlamydia - 35%
  • Gonorrhoea - 22%
  • Syphilis - 2%
  • Trichomoniasis - 42%
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